Terms & Conditions

Please read the Terms & Conditions before becoming a member or making orders in D3top. Minor alterations may happen.You also need to read the Privacy Policy.


If you register as one member of D3top, you will get many kinds of membership benefit. Please take care of your username and password. If u forget them, u can come to live help.

Fee Policy

Information about the fees and purchase of products and services, etc. Our Company will place the appropriate location on the product and service page.

The Company will have the right to determine fees of the products and services provided by the Company. The Company may form different tariffs and fees for different products and services, and may also provide different charging methods for different products and services.

Our Rights and Responsiblities:

D3top won't provide services for anyone under 18 without the express consent of a parent or legal guardian. D3top has the right to cancel orders when account activity becomes suspicious with a possibility of unauthorized purchase, illegal account or suspicious activities. One the other hand, we will take responsiblities to protect the security of our products and customers' account. 

Customers' Rights and Responsiblities:

Provide accurate account and personal information and keep up with the information. If the user provided the information contains incorrect information, resulting in the players can not finish the order in time. The company does not assume any responsibility. The customer can buy all product and services on D3top and ask for full and part refund according to the cases.

Affiliate Program

Members can make money by recommending our website to other people. If the relevant order is done, the reference can  get 5% of the total order. Please create an affiliate account.  We will give you the affiliate commission via it. You can talk with the customer support if you don't get the commission.

If you have any other questions before placing an order, please contact with the customer support.