1. How can I know the progress after ordered?

When you placed orders in www.d3top.com, you can track your order by filling order number in the Track Order to check or clicking the live chat to ask for the progress.

2. Will my account get banned by using your service?

No, that will never happen. D3top is a 100% reliable and secure transaction platform, we promise never use illegally software like bots or hacks. We have more than 1 million registered members, no one get banned by using our service. That’s the reason why we gained so many loyal customers.

3. Which payment methods do u accept?

We currently accept Paypal as our preferred online payment method for small to medium purchases. Having your Paypal account verified and ensuring your delivery&contact information is up to date will speed up the verification and delivery of your order. 

4. Why do u need my phone number?

Firstly, We may need to call you if there are some problems with your order like mis-spelt character name or choosing wrong server. Secondly, when you are not online and we cannot get touch with you via email, we can call you immediately to resolve issues. In addition, sometimes we need to call you for simple verification before delivery, this serves to decrease fraud.

5. Why my account get locked when you try to log?

As for some services, we need to log on your account to complete. Blizzard takes a measure to protect users’ account security, when the account logged on different IPs, it will get locked. If you have any other questions, please feel free to chat with our online service, or send an email to d3top2005@gmail.com